11. March 2018

Fueled by an unshakable love and curiosity for horology, Ariel Adams founded aBlogtoWatch in 2007 as a means of sharing his passion. Since then, ABTW has become the highest trafficked blog on luxury timepieces. Ariel is also a contributor to other publications such as Forbes, Departures and Tech Crunch. Here we cite some of his coments, the full review you find under ABTW.

"I don't disagree that a BRÜGGLER chronogrpah is pricey, but I don't feel like it is unduly expensive for what you get. The target demographic Brüggler is focused on is more interested in getting a Swiss made watch suited to their particular personality and taste, as opposed to getting the best bargain possible. This again illustrates the difference of opinion many people have as to whether a timepiece is a commodity or something which should focus on exclusivity. Too many timepieces are still the former, even though the majority of mechanical watch buyers are hunting for the latter."

"Certain brands such as Roger Dubuis and Vacheron Constantin pride themselves on very elaborate and high-end customization or personalization services for their watches, which accordingly come with prices in the tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of dollars. In some instances even into the millions of dollars. That makes brands like Brüggler rare, because they try to combine the flexibility of personalized designs produced via a self-service online interface, and the quality assurances of a Swiss made timepiece."

"A personalized watch has two main advantages over a "stock" watch, and that is offering additional exclusivity, as well as added relevancy to its specific owner."
The chronograph under review
> Model: Customizable Chronograph
> Price: $3,400 USD as configured
> Size: 40mm

Q&A with Ariel Adams
> Would reviewer personally wear it?
    Yes, after coming up with a design that means something special
    to me.
> Friend we'd recommend it to first?
    Someone willing to pay the premium for a real Swiss made product
    who also wants a somewhat customized design. This is certainly a
    watch in a rare class without much competition.
> Best characteristic of watch?
    High quality components in a more or less 100% made in
    Switzerland watch that highly exceeds “Swiss Made”
    Customization process offers made to order products in a larger
    variety of colors with many elements on the dial to choose colors
    for. Refined design makes watches conservative enough to be given
    as a gift, even to a stranger.

This review is a great compliment for our brand. Nothing is moore sitisfing for us then sombody who loves the chronograph he desisigned. Our bespoke chronographs are ment to be unique lucky charms that are a source of 'good memories and personal luck'. Ariel's back case engraving is stating it all too well: "Rember What You Love"